What are the Different Types of Retainers?

After investing a lot of time and money into straightening your teeth, it is imperative that you take your retainer(s) very seriously. If you do not wear your retainers as directed, your teeth will definitely shift. You don’t want to be cutting any corners where your teeth are concerned – you only get one set after all!

There are three types of retainers:wire retainer

Bonded permanent retainer

This is a small wire used to keep your bottom teeth in place. It is the easiest type to get used to and you never have to forget about putting it in, because it’s always there! They can also last for many years. You just have to be sure you clean well around the wire, as food and bacteria can get stuck behind the wire.

Removable wire retainer

types of retainersThese can also last a long time, as well as be repaired and tightened. As compared to plastic retainers which fully cover your teeth, these do not protect against teeth grinding. They are also more visible and pricier to replace.

Removable clear plastic retainer

As stated previously, clear plastic retainers are the most protective of the teeth. They also hold the teeth in the exact position they are meant to be in after your orthodontic procedure is finished.

As compared to the wire retainers, they are more appealing from an aesthetic perspective, since they are as close to invisible as you can get. They are also the most affordable to replace, although they may not last as long as metal retainers.

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