The Eruption of Milk Teeth

If someone told you that newborn babies have teeth, you would probably look at them strange. Sure, they do not have visible teeth, but you may be surprised to know that they actually have 20 fully formed “milk” teeth, also known as primary or baby teeth, already formed under their gums.

Between ages 2.5 and 3, all of the milk teeth have broken through the gums. This is known as “teething”. Read more about how to soothe a teething baby.

They usually show up in this order:

  1. The front teeth – upper and lower (these are the central incisors)
  2. The teeth next to the front teeth – upper and lower (these are the lateral incisors)
  3. First set of molars – upper and lower (placed one space away from the incisors to leave room for the canines to grow between)
  4. Canine teeth – upper and lower – enable the baby to consume more texturized foods
  5. Second set of molars – upper and lower
baby teeth

This completes the set of 20 teeth.

Want an approximate timeline for when these teeth can be expected?

  • At approx. 15 months, babies usually have 8 teeth
  • At approx. 19 months, babies usually have 12 teeth
  • At approx. 23 months, babies usually have 16 teeth
  • At approx. 27 months, babies usually have 20 teeth

When do permanent teeth begin to appear?

Kids start to lose their baby teeth at around age 6, when their permanent teeth start to appear.  This continues for about 6 years, so by age 12, kids have a full set of permanent teeth.

Even though baby teeth are meant to fall out, it is very important that good oral hygiene is maintained to prevent tooth decay or damage to the permanent teeth growing under the baby teeth. Aside from that, they need healthy teeth to eat and speak normally.

Ensure that you do not let your baby fall asleep with a bottle, as this can lead to tooth decay.  Too much time with the bottle can also lead to attachment issues, where your baby becomes too dependent on having the bottle around. Check out these common questions about baby teeth.

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