Summer is Upon Us! Brush Up on these Summer Dental Tips!

Summer…most people’s favorite time of year! You may be more in “vacation-mode”, but there is never a time for your teeth to be, even if you are out in the wilderness on a camping adventure.

Always keep these summer dental tips top of mind for you and your family: summer dental tips

  • Most people do not drink enough water, even though we are well aware that we need to drink plenty of it! It is especially important when you are out in the heat. When it comes to your teeth, water helps wash out the plaque-causing bacteria. It helps prevent bad breath too! DRINK WATER! STAY HYDRATED!
  • Choose water over beverages that are drowning in sugar such as energy drinks, juices, and sodas. If you are going to drink juice, it’s a great idea to dilute it. Rinse with water after drinking anything acidic to protect your enamel.
  • With summer comes more ice. Don’t chew on it! That risks damaging your teeth and wearing down your irreplaceable enamel.
  • Brush and floss no matter where you are or what time of day it is. Even if you are out in the forest, or if you are traveling until the wee hours of the night, brush your teeth before you hit the sack. Buy a bag of individual dental flossers at your local drugstore or grocery store to take with you, as they are super convenient and easy to use. Something stuck in your teeth? Use a flosser instead of a toothpick. Safer for your mouth and more effective!
  • Keep your toothbrush dry. A wet toothbrush = harbouring grounds for bacteria. Need we say more?!

These dental tips seem simple enough, but somehow they are so easy to forget in the moment.

Wishing you all a safe, healthy, and amazing summer!

The Staff at Healthy Smiles Family Dentistry – Dental Clinic in Surrey, BC