Removing Plaque is NOT a Do-It-Yourself Project

You may have seen plaque scrapers for sale at a store or online before and thought “I don’t have to even go to the dentist?! I can actually do this myself at home?”  don't remove plaque from your teeth at home

There are reasons why your dentist and dental hygienist have formal education – they are the ONLY ones who should ever be removing plaque from your teeth. Part of this education is having extensive training as to how to use dental tools safely and effectively.

Plaque scrapers are very sharp. Used improperly, they can severely damage your gum tissue and even cause gum recession. When your gums become recessed, the sensitive roots of your teeth are exposed. You could also injure your tongue, cheeks, or other soft tissues…and even get an infection. Not to mention, you could end up pushing tartar under your gumline.

So, the moral of the story is: yes, you should be concerned about plaque buildup, but ALWAYS leave your oral healthcare in the hands of professionals. Leave the do-it-yourself projects to fun things on Pinterest!

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