Healthy Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Your Loved Ones

Did you begin your holiday shopping yet? With Christmas just a little over a month away, you better get started soon!

Sure, everyone likes chocolates and other goodies in their stockings, but how about including some fun and quality dental products? Everyone needs these after all, so if you give these as gifts, they would be saving on their next trip to the drugstore or grocery store too!

Plus, giving products that can contribute positively to their health will make you feel good too!

Here’s Some Stocking Stuffer Ideas:

  • Electric toothbrushes – battery operated ones decorated with cartoon characters for kids or more high-end ones like Oral B, Pursonic, or Sonicare for teens of adults
  • Replacement heads for electronic toothbrushes     healthy stocking stuffers
  • Waterpik – more effective than dental floss to reduce plaque & gum disease
  • Glittery and fun toothpastes for kids
  • Good quality toothpaste for adults
  • Easy teeth flossers…mint flavoured of course!
  • A timer to help people track that they are brushing for at least 2 minutes
  • Mouthwash
  • Nice toothbrush holder for the bathroom counter at home or a portable one for vacation
  • Sugar free gum to chew after meals

Happy Shopping!

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Love Cheese? Love Your Teeth? Here’s What You Need to Know!

It’s rare to find someone who doesn’t like to indulge in a little cheese here and there. Cheese is a great addition to so many foods, and with the huge variety of different cheeses available, it’s hard to ever get tired of it.

Oh and the best news of all – cheese is actually good for your teeth! Studies show that it may actually help prevent cavities from forming.

How can cheese help your teeth?  cheese teeth tips

Naturally, our mouths have a slightly acidic pH. When we eat or drink anything that lowers our pH even more, it can negatively affect our tooth enamel. Cheese can actually heighten your pH for half an hour after eating. This is how your teeth become more protected.

In what other ways can cheese help?

For starters, it stimulates saliva. Saliva helps keep the acidity low in your mouth and helps cleanse your teeth. Cheese is also high in a chemical called casein phosphate that lowers the acidity in your mouth. The casein phosphate makes your teeth more resistant to decay. Lastly, cheese actually forms a film around your teeth, protecting them from acid.

Now before you get too carried away and go buy a huge surplus of cheese at the grocery store, you need to make note of a few things:

Processed cheese is not good for your teeth (or for your body for that matter). It is imperative that you stick to real cheese. Also, full-fat or low-fat cheeses both make the cut – they will both benefit your teeth in the same way. Oh, and we don’t want you gaining a bunch of weight now from this good news – all you need is a slice…no need to go overboard.

Cheese will best protect your teeth if you eat it during your meal…and save a bite for the end of your meal.

Need some guidance as to which cheeses may be the best for you to buy? Try these:

  • Aged cheese such as cheddar or Monterey jack
  • Blue cheese such as roquefort and gorgonzola
  • Soft, ripened cheese such as camembert and brie

It is important to note that for ultimate health, you need to ensure that your overall diet is working for you best interests. You don’t want to be eating a bunch of sugary foods and just think that cheese will protect you. You still need to focus on consuming plenty of fruits and vegetables and lean proteins.

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7 Great Reasons to Smile

It goes without saying that a smile is the best accessory that you can wear…especially if you take care of your teeth!

Aside from that, we have even more great benefits a nice smile can bring to your life…

benefits of smiling

It’s HEALTHY to smile. It actually boosts your immune system! Smiling   helps your body relax and this lets the immune system react more quickly and effectively against invaders. Pretty fascinating stuff!

It makes you FEEL GOOD and brings out the HAPPY VIBES! It directly affects certain brain activities that are associated with happiness.

It BUILDS TRUST! People feel more comfortable around someone who is smiling because they come across as warmer, friendlier, and more trustworthy. That is why smiling is so important to be successful in business too! Oh, and make sure you smile at your job interviews.

Which leads us to the next one….  

It AFFECTS RESULTS and creates an environment where people can really succeed as an individual and also as part of a team.

It POSITIVELY IMPACTS SALES because it makes you more enthusiastic for a product and instills positive feelings in a buyer.

It CONVEYS EMOTION by building a strong emotional connection and bond with other people.

It ACTS AS A MAGNET because it draws people in with warmth and helps connect people…sometimes instantly, which can be especially beneficial in dating! (No one wants to date the grumpy person in the room, after all.) Plus, one smile can create another smile, and another smile…kind of like a ripple effect. It is really hard not to automatically smile if someone smiles at you.

So, smile at yourself in the mirror, and remember to bring that smile out into the world with you too. It will not only make you feel great, but it will make everyone around you feel better too!

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The Parental Role of “Tooth Fairy”

If you are a new parent, you have also automatically taken on the role of “Tooth Fairy”. A baby tooth falls out, your child places the tooth under their pillow, and in the morning, they look forward to finding a nice little cash surprise!

This is repeated, of course, until the child has lost all of their baby teeth.  tooth fairy

So, how much are you supposed to give your child in exchange for their tooth? Well, to your luck, there is actually an online calculator for this. Someone always thinks of everything!

CLICK HERE to find out what the going rate is for a tooth in Canada. Too cute!

This is also a great way to start the conversation of money and saving with your child. Encourage them to save their new-found money and put it in their piggy bank. With about 20 baby teeth, a child can accumulate a nice chunk of change.

Oh…and it’s important to be in the know as to the status of your child’s teeth. You wouldn’t want them placing a tooth under their pillow without you knowing, or you could have A LOT of explaining to do…

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We are pleased to announce that we have been listed as one of the Top 3 Dentists in Surrey! We were chosen based on providing consistent high quality in dentistry.

The team at “Three Best Rated” checks everything from reputation, history, complaints, ratings, satisfaction, trust, cost, and general excellence as a way of selecting businesses.

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best family cosmetic dentist surrey

The Eruption of Milk Teeth

If someone told you that newborn babies have teeth, you would probably look at them strange. Sure, they do not have visible teeth, but you may be surprised to know that they actually have 20 fully formed “milk” teeth, also known as primary or baby teeth, already formed under their gums.

Between ages 2.5 and 3, all of the milk teeth have broken through the gums. This is known as “teething”. Read more about how to soothe a teething baby.

They usually show up in this order:

  1. The front teeth – upper and lower (these are the central incisors)
  2. The teeth next to the front teeth – upper and lower (these are the lateral incisors)
  3. First set of molars – upper and lower (placed one space away from the incisors to leave room for the canines to grow between)
  4. Canine teeth – upper and lower – enable the baby to consume more texturized foods
  5. Second set of molars – upper and lower
baby teeth

This completes the set of 20 teeth.

Want an approximate timeline for when these teeth can be expected?

  • At approx. 15 months, babies usually have 8 teeth
  • At approx. 19 months, babies usually have 12 teeth
  • At approx. 23 months, babies usually have 16 teeth
  • At approx. 27 months, babies usually have 20 teeth

When do permanent teeth begin to appear?

Kids start to lose their baby teeth at around age 6, when their permanent teeth start to appear.  This continues for about 6 years, so by age 12, kids have a full set of permanent teeth.

Even though baby teeth are meant to fall out, it is very important that good oral hygiene is maintained to prevent tooth decay or damage to the permanent teeth growing under the baby teeth. Aside from that, they need healthy teeth to eat and speak normally.

Ensure that you do not let your baby fall asleep with a bottle, as this can lead to tooth decay.  Too much time with the bottle can also lead to attachment issues, where your baby becomes too dependent on having the bottle around. Check out these common questions about baby teeth.

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Do You Know How to Care for Your Dog’s Teeth?

Your furry friend relies on you to ensure they have a healthy mouth and teeth. If your dog has dental problems, they can be as much of a concern as they are for humans. Poor dental hygiene can lead to serious issues like heart, kidney, and liver disease, not to mention gingivitis, plaque, and tartar buildup.

Check for any of the following signs on a regular basis and see your vet if any of these are present:

• Change in eating or chewing habits   how to brush dogs teeth
• Depressed – not being their usual happy self
• Stinky breath
• Pawing at the mouth or face
• Drooling to excess
• Missing, discolored, broken, crooked, or misaligned teeth
• Sore red and bleeding gums
• Tartar crust along the gumline (brownish-yellow)
• Growths or bumps in the mouth

Follow these dental cleaning tips for dogs:

Start the teeth cleaning process when they are a puppy if possible. It can be more challenging to start this with an adult dog if they are not used to it.

Do NOT use human toothpaste. Fluoride can be poisonous to dogs. You MUST buy toothpaste specially formulated and safe for dogs.

Buy a double-headed toothbrush at the pet store for dogs that has the brushes angled at 45 degrees. This will enable you to clean below the gumline.

The best time to try to brush their teeth would be when they are relaxed – after a lot of exercise for example. If they are too hyper, it will feel like a losing battle because it will be difficult for them to stay still.

It’s better to brush for shorter periods of time until they get used to it. It’s important not to force it on them.

Speak to them in a calming voice. Getting impatient with them will only work against you.

Reward them after for good behavior. They will then associate teeth brushing with a tasty treat after. People aren’t the only ones who like an incentive after all!

It is better to feed your dog hard and crunchy food vs. soft food because soft can end up sticking to teeth, which can lead to tooth decay.

Give your dog bones and toys from a pet store to chew on to ensure that they are safe. If objects are too hard they could actually break teeth. Chewing on things can help strengthen teeth and get rid of buildup.

Take your dog to get a checkup at the veterinarian every six to twelve months. It can save you lots of money in the long run, and possibly even save your dog’s life!

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3 Ways to Help Kids Overcome the Fear of Going to the Dentist

People often equate fear with going to the dentist, no matter how old they are. It is important as a parent to try to prevent or at least minimize this fear as best as possible.  kids fear of the dentist

How can you do this?

  1. Talk positively about going to the dentist. Even if you aren’t speaking directly to your child about the dentist in a less than favorable way, they pick up on things. This also doesn’t mean that you should oversell it as if it is like going to the carnival. Less is more when it comes to details.If they see you are fearful, they will also be fearful…often before they even get to have the experience themselves. The key is to make them feel relaxed and comfortable, as if they are just going to a trip to the grocery store. No big deal.

  2. Stay away from using negative words like “pain” or “hurt”. Focus instead on using words that will make them feel like they are going to be healthier and stronger after their dental visit. The key is to keep the vocabulary positive and light.

  3. Get them excited that they will get a treat and/or toothbrush as a gift from the dentist. This will boost their confidence and make them look forward to future visits. That said, don’t promise them a treat after leaving the dentist office if they don’t cause a fuss and are on good behavior. This can actually work against you because it can actually make them wonder “What is going to happen at the dentist that my mom is thinking I may cause a fuss?!”

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Summer Dental Tips – Take Care of Your Teeth!

Summer is such a busy type of year, which is great…however, when you’re extra active, it can be easier to neglect your regular dental routine. It’s so important to care for your teeth regardless because who needs to get a toothache or some other dental problem during the best time of the year?  summer dental tips surrey

  • Ideally, you should book an appointment with your dentist for a check-up and a cleaning before you depart on any vacations. That way, if anything is wrong, you can catch it before you run into further problems. Plus, you can’t beat having nice, clean teeth while you’re away!
  • Pack your toothbrush and a small toothpaste in your purse / bag so that you have easy access to it while you are on a roadtrip, or during a layover at an airport. You don’t want to let your teeth go hours and hours without a good brushing. Not to mention, they will just feel more comfortable and your breath will be more fresh. If you are unable to brush somewhere, be sure to have some dental floss on you as well – perfect for in between meals.
  • Try to make water your priority drink. Not only is it essential for hydration in the warmer weather, it is easy on your teeth! Avoid sugary drinks as much as possible.
  • People usually consume more alcohol than usual in July and August, but try not to over-indulge. You definitely want to steer clear of cocktails that are loaded with sugar or lots of fizz. Drink as healthy as possible and drink responsibly!
  • Your lips act as a shield to protect your teeth, so be sure to also protect your lips by using a lip balm with SPF in it.
  • If you have spare retainers or dentures, bring them. You’ll never know if you run into a problem and need an “emergency” pair. It’s not exactly easy to get these while you are travelling.
  • Use a mouthguard for outdoor sporting activities and swimming. You can never be too cautious. It’s much better to be proactive than reactive when it comes to your teeth.
  • Look into getting travel insurance that includes emergency dental coverage. This is worth it just for the peace of mind.

The staff at Healthy Smiles Family Dentistry in Surrey wishes everyone a safe and happy summer! We hope to see you for your pre-vacation dental appointment soon! Call us now: 604-593-8201.