Is Your Dentin Getting in the Way of Your Teeth Whitening?

You may have heard the term “dentin” before, but do you know what it is? Well, your teeth are made of four components:

(1)   Enamel – the protective surface of the tooth

(2)   Pulp – is made up of items such as large nerves, connective tissue, and blood vessels – allows the body to supply it with blood

(3)   Cementum – the root of the tooth  dentin

AND of course….

(4)   Dentin

What is Dentin Made Of?

Dentin is calcified bodily tissue that is protected by the enamel. It is made up of 10% water, 20% organic material and 70% hydroxylapatite.

It is a bone-like structure, but softer than actual bone. Teeth are made up of 3 layers of dentin: primary (outer layer), secondary (middle layer), and tertiary dentin (inner layer).

I heard that my teeth may not be able to reach my desired level of super whiteness because of my dentin. Is this true?

If your dentin is a deep shade of yellow, this is unfortunately true because dentin cannot be whitened. The yellow will still show through your enamel. This is why some people will only be able to get to a certain level of whiteness.

Don’t get discouraged though – it is quite likely that your smile can still be improved from it’s current shade…especially if your teeth are stained from things like coffee, red wine, and/or cigarettes.

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