Happy Holidays!

All of the dentists, dental hygienists, and office staff at Healthy Smiles Family Dentistry would like to wish all of our lovely patients a warm, safe, and happy holiday season. Take it easy on the treats though and be sure to brush after meals!

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2018 was a great year and we look forward to seeing you again in 2019 to keep your smile healthy and bright!

Be sure to book your appointments for your 6 month check-ups and cleanings. Should something not feel right, do not wait for your 6 month appointment. Book in to see us as soon as possible. It is always much better to be proactive that reactive and catch things sooner than later if there is a problem. Not to mention, it can save you more money in the long run too!

Sending our best,

The Staff of Healthy Smiles Family Dentistry in Surrey, BC