Everyone Loves a White Christmas…

Many of the popular Christmas songs idealize the thought of having snow on Christmas Day, because it makes it that much more special. The same could be said for teeth in terms of having a beautiful white smile to make you feel more joyful and confident in showing it off!

If you are stuck on gift ideas (especially for the person who seems to have it all), what about dental products? Everyone needs them and they never go out of style! Not to mention, this sort of thing is a much healthier gift than a box of chocolates.

Here are some gift and stocking stuffer ideas: dental stocking stuffer

  • Electric toothbrushes – battery operated ones decorated with cartoon characters for kids or more high-end ones like Oral B, Pursonic, or Sonicare for teens of adults
  • Replacement heads for electronic toothbrushes (these are great for people to have on hand, because they often use their current toothbrush head much longer than they should)
  • Waterpik – more effective than dental floss to reduce plaque & gum disease
  • Easy teeth flossers (a nice change from the regular dental floss
  • Good quality toothpaste for adults
  • Fun, glittery toothpaste for kids
  • A timer to help people track that they are brushing for at least 2 minutes – pick out a cute one for kids to give them an extra boost of motivation
  • Good quality mouthwash (this is great for family stocking stuffers as a combo with other dental items, but you probably won’t want to give this to friends or they may get offended and think you are trying to hint to them that they have bad breath)
  • Nice toothbrush holder for the bathroom counter
  • Travel toothbrush set for vacation or to easily keep in a handbag for everyday use
  • Sugar free gum such as Excel or Dentyne to chew after meals when it isn’t possible to brush right away

Knowing that you are positively contributing to someone’s health and well-being will make you feel great too! That’s what the Christmas spirit is all about after all, right?

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