Do You Suffer from Daytime Bruxism?

When we think of bruxism, we usually think of teeth grinding while sleeping…but there is actually daytime bruxism as well.

Daytime bruxism is also often related to stress, whereby people clench their teeth instead of letting their mouth relax. Most people at some point do this, depending on what is going on in their life at the moment. That said, it becomes a problem when it turns into a chronic (ongoing) issue, causing damage and pain.

Clenching your teeth can lead to things like:  teeth clenching

  • Tension headaches
  • Jaw pain
  • The loss of enamel
  • Tooth cracking / breaking

The one benefit of having daytime bruxism as opposed to nocturnal bruxism, is that you are more aware it is happening, so it is then easier to diagnose. Self-awareness also makes it easier to catch yourself doing this and then begin to train yourself not to.

You can’t wear a regular mouthguard to help in this situation because those are too bulky and can affect your speech. There are, however, ultra-thin and more discreet daytime mouthguards available that can help protect your jaw, teeth, and prevent damage to your enamel.

It is also important to focus on getting a handle on your stress – not just for your clenching issue, but for your overall health as well. Talk to your doctor about what your options are in terms of stress management. Treating the cause vs. the symptoms is key.

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