White Fillings in Surrey

What are White Fillings?

Cavities, also known as tooth decay or dental caries, cause lesions on teeth. Unfortunately, teeth are not like our skin. Teeth do not heal naturally. Without treatment, a cavity can grow deep and wide, spreading to surrounding teeth and/or infecting the nerve of the affected tooth. The bacteria that contribute to tooth decay, S. mutans, are also responsible for the potentially lethal heart condition, endocarditis. In short, cavities need to be treated early. Using durable composite resin, Dr. Chohan can give you white fillings that look natural, to restore teeth with decay.

Who Needs White Fillings?

Anyone with a cavity needs a filling. Dr. Chohan removes tooth decay and bacterial infection, then places a dental filling to restore the tooth’s shape and function. If your cavity is extensive, you may require a crown instead of a filling. In the past, dentists used metal amalgam to fill cavities. The metal was dark against white tooth enamel, and also contained mercury. Today, Dr. Chohan places tooth-colored, white fillings instead of metal amalgams.

What to Expect at a Filling Appointment

The depth of your cavity will dictate the amount of anesthetic you need. Superficial cavities that do not affect the dentin beneath the enamel may be filled without any anesthesia. Dr. Chohan will let you know whether anesthetic is recommended for your comfort. If you feel particularly stressed or scared at dental appointments, ask us about dental sedation.

Dr. Chohan will administer the appropriate anesthetic, then remove the decay from your tooth. If a filling will provide sufficient restoration, Dr. Chohan will select a composite resin that best matches your natural enamel. She’ll then place the resin into your tooth and harden the material with a soft curing light. After polishing and sculpting the tooth to fit well with opposing teeth, Dr. Chohan will be finished. The length of the procedure varies with the extent of decay and the number of teeth involved.

What to Expect Following Treatment

A filling is a simple restoration, and no special after care is required. You should brush and floss normally, and attend six-month checkups and cleanings. Over a few weeks, expect sensitivity to subside. If your filling feels odd after two or three days, give us a call. In rare cases, a filling needs additional adjustment for an ideal fit.

Book an Appointment Now!

Call us to book an appointment if you think you may have a cavity or if you need to replace a filling. If you lost a filling, you may require our emergency dental services.  It is a great idea to replace any amalgam fillings you may have with mercury-free white fillings.  You may also be interested in our other restorative dental services including dental crowns, crowns and bridges, denture repair, or dental implant restorations.

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