Denture Repair in Surrey

What is Denture Repair?

To fit securely and comfortably, dentures may need periodic adjustments or relining. Dr. Chohan repairs dentures in our office, for your convenience.

Who Needs Denture Repair?

If your dentures don’t fit as well as they once did, they may need repair. Of course, if you break your dentures, they will also require repair. In some cases, Dr. Chohan can salvage damaged dentures.
Call our office for denture repair if your dentures:

  • Feel loose or wobbly
  • Slip out of place when you speak or eat
  • Feel uncomfortable
  • Chip, crack, or otherwise break

What to Expect at a Denture Repair Appointment

Bring your denture to your appointment. Dr. Chohan will need to know how the appliance fits, as well as any problems you’ve experienced wearing the denture. In some cases, adjustments cann be made in-house and the denture will need to be repaired at a lab. You should also realize that denture damage may be unrepairable, in which case a new denture is required.

Book an Appointment Today for Denture Repair in Surrey Now!

Call us to book an appointment or for more information about repairing your dentures. You may also be interested in our other restorative dental services including fillings, crowns, crowns and bridges, or dental implants.

We are happy to treat patients from Surrey, Delta, White Rock, Langley, and surrounding areas.