Crowns and Bridges in Surrey (Dental Bridges)

What is a Crown and Bridge?

Also referred to as a dental bridge, a crown and bridge prosthetic replaces a single tooth or a few missing teeth in a row. Because even one lost tooth, not replaced, will increase the potential for losing additional teeth, bridges support overall oral health. A traditional dental bridge consists of a crown, one or more solid prosthetic teeth, and another crown. Both crowns are permanently affixed to healthy teeth, and the solid replacement teeth literally form a bridge over the spaces left by missing teeth. Today, bridges may be secured to implants, rather than dental crowns. All dental bridges are fixed, or non-removable.

Who Needs a Crown and Bridge?

A bridge is recommended for a patient with one lost tooth or a few missing teeth in a row. The patient must have healthy teeth on either side of the spaces where teeth are missing, or if the bridge will be implant-supported, the patient needs dense, healthy jawbone tissue.

What to Expect at a Crown and Bridge Appointment

At your first visit, Dr. Chohan will prepare the teeth that will hold crowns. If you will have an implant-supported bridge, the doctor will take x-rays to determine ideal placement of your implants. A dental impression will be sent to our lab, where a technician will carefully craft your crown and bridge. (At this point, if you are having implants placed, you’ll schedule outpatient surgery with an oral surgeon or periodontist.) You will probably wear a temporary bridge until the final bridge is ready for placement. A traditional bridge can be secured to crowns in a single appointment. Implant patients can have their bridge secured after the implant sites have healed, which usually takes about three months.

What to Expect Following Treatment

Bridges function like natural teeth, allowing complete, comfortable biting and chewing of foods. Patients should care for their bridge as they do natural teeth, with twice daily brushing, daily flossing, and six-month checkups and cleanings. With proper care, a bridge can last ten years or longer.

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