Tooth Extraction & Wisdom Teeth Removal in Surrey

What is Tooth Extraction?

Removing a tooth is known as a dental extraction or tooth extraction. While conservative restorative procedures go a long way toward salvaging teeth damaged by decay, fractures, and disease, in some cases extraction is the best option. Extraction may also be performed in preparation for braces or dentures.

Who Needs a Tooth Extracted?

    Patients with the following conditions may require extraction:
  • A dead or dying permanent tooth, when root canal therapy has failed or is not an option
  • Too many teeth for the space in the mouth; to relieve crowding
  • Most teeth have been lost, and the patient is going to wear dentures
  • One or more impacted teeth (teeth that cannot erupt naturally)
  • Wisdom teeth causing pain or crowding
  • A dead primary tooth that will not fall out naturally
  • A tooth root with the crown broken off

What to Expect at an Extraction Appointment

If extraction is the best, most conservative and effective treatment option, Dr. Chohan will let you know how to prepare for your visit. If necessary, she will discuss which type of dental sedation will be best for your case. When you arrive at our office, you’ll be made comfortable, and Dr. Chohan will make certain that you are properly anesthetized. Then, she will remove your tooth or teeth. You may need one or more sutures, which the doctor can place.

What to Expect Following Treatment

Following Dr. Chohan’s postoperative instructions is imperative. You will need to eat only soft foods for a while following your extraction(s). Do not use a straw, do not smoke, and do not chew on the affected side of your mouth. The doctor will instruct you or your caregiver which foods you should eat and how to keep the extraction site clean. Do not try to remove the clot that will naturally form in the socket where your tooth was extracted. The clot is part of proper healing.

If you experience anything abnormal that the dentist did not explain, such as significant or prolonged bleeding, dislodgement of your clot, or lingering pain at the surgical site, call our office for assistance. We are always happy to answer questions, and our goal is your prompt, complete recovery.

If your extracted tooth needs to be replaced, Dr. Chohan will talk with you about a dental implant, bridge, partial, or denture.

Book a Consultation Now!

Call us to book a consultation for tooth extraction or for the removal of your wisdom teeth. You may also be interested in our other preventative services including TMJ treatment, treatment for gum disease, or root canal therapy.

To make your procedures as comfortable as possible, we also offer the option of sedation dentistry.

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