Root Canals in Surrey

What is Root Canal Therapy?

Every natural tooth has one or a few root canals. These tunnels house the tooth’s nerve, which sustains life by delivering nutrients and removing waste. The apex of a tooth’s canal features a chamber that holds connective tissues and the nerve; this material is known as the tooth’s pulp. In a healthy tooth, the pulp is safe from bacteria. A deep cavity or crack, however, allows bacteria to infect the pulp. This creates infection in the tooth’s canal. The patient may experience an acute, nagging toothache as infection builds against the nerve. With time, bacteria will destroy the nerve and, thus, the tooth will die. Root canal therapy is a procedure to remove infected pulp and seal the tooth so that it can remain in place, though it will no longer be living. Successful root canal therapy allows the patient to retain the natural tooth, avoid extraction, and avoid replacing the tooth.

Who Needs Root Canal Therapy?

Anyone whose internally infected tooth may be saved with root canal therapy could benefit from treatment.

What to Expect at an Appointment

In the past, root canal therapy required multiple appointments and could be quite uncomfortable. Today, some root canal procedures can be completed in a single visit, and the patient remains comfortable with sedation and anesthetic. Furthermore, Dr. Chohan uses microtools and tiny instruments for precision. Your appointment may run an hour or more.

To relieve pressure from infection inside your tooth, the doctor will make an entry point through which she will remove diseased and damaged nerve tissue. Your tooth’s canal will be thoroughly cleaned, then filled with a manmade material before a crown is placed.

What to Expect Following Root Canal Treatment

After root canal therapy, you should enjoy relief from your toothache. You may be prescribed and antibiotic or anti-inflammatory to further reduce the infection. Simply follow protocol for good oral homecare, coupled with professional dental checkups and cleanings, to promote good oral health.

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