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Our team believes that you deserve state-of-the-art dental care, so we are trained and experienced at using innovative dental office technology. The tools we use keep patients safe and comfortable, while also allowing Dr. Chohan to have detailed facts to guide her diagnoses and treatment planning.

Digital X-Rays

Compared with traditional x-ray machines, digital radiograph systems subject patients to 80-90% less radiation. They also render immediate, precision images for review by both patient and doctor. We project x-rays on monitors in the treatment room, and Dr. Chohan refers to them as she explains her findings and recommendations for treatment. Digital x-rays are stored safely on a secure server, and they can be transferred or recalled quickly when needed. In addition, digital x-rays are environmentally friendly, because they require no harsh chemicals for development, and no physical rendering on plastic or paper.

Panoramic X-Ray

Like our regular x-rays, our panoramic x-ray machine is fully digital. With it, we capture full-mouth images to help the doctor base treatment plans on facts, rather than assumptions.

Intraoral Cameras and Monitors

Our chairside monitors, coupled with intraoral cameras, allow Dr. Chohan to pull up digital images of the patient’s mouth in the treatment room. The doctor can show patients her findings, rather than just explain them. When you fully understand your dental health condition and treatment options, you’ll feel empowered to make wise decisions regarding care.

iPads for Education

Dr. Chohan and our team believe that educating and informing patients is an imperative part of good dental care. On iPads, patients can watch videos about dental conditions and procedures.


Patients love DentalVibe, a special technology that makes anesthetic injections comfortable. Using a simple vibrating tip, the DentalVibe wand stimulates nerve endings while an injection is administered. The confused nerve signals result in feeling little to no pain from the injection.


Our soft tissue dental lasers make dental treatment comfortable, as well as precise. A soft tissue laser performs gum procedures, replacing the need for a scalpel and sutures.  They can also be used for canker sore and cold sore removal as well as deep cleaning.

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