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Teeth Whitening Smile

According to polls, a person’s eyes and smile are the two attributes most often admired by new acquaintances. Both of these features speak volumes, conveying emotions, attitude, and beauty. While you can’t do much to change how your eyes look, you can definitely address smile imperfections for a more attractive, appealing image. As a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Chohan offers a variety of aesthetic dental treatments to improve the color, shape, alignment of teeth, and overall appearance of a smile.

Because our teeth encounter intense pressure, drastic temperature changes, and over 600 types of bacteria each day, they need care and maintenance. Regular checkups and cleanings, in conjunction with restorative dentistry, can keep a mouth healthy. However, tooth stains, uneven tooth spacing, and misshapen teeth may be completely healthy, yet unattractive. Dr. Chohan can safely and effectively correct these and other smile imperfections with cosmetic dentistry.

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