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Creating Healthy Smiles and Trusting Relationships

Only one percent of humans avoid tooth decay, half have gum disease, and millions are toothless. Six-month checkups and cleanings can help your family avoid these and other oral health complications. Today, more people are retaining their natural, healthy teeth than in any previous generation. Secure your family’s dental future by finding a compassionate, respected general dentist right now.

Our goal with patients is to create a relationship. Dr. Chohan and our team are committed to learning about you as a person, not just a file with a name. We want to learn about you, your family members, and how you feel about dental care. If you’re one of the many people who feel anxious when visiting the dentist, talk with Dr. Chohan about sedation dentistry. If you’re interested in a more attractive smile, ask us about aesthetic dental procedures, smile makeovers, and Botox® Cosmetic.

Learn more about the many procedures we offer in the following pages:

  • Emergency Dental

    Emergency Dentist in Surrey ~ Call 604-593-8201 A dental emergency is an issue involving the teeth and supporting tissues that is of high importance where the patient should not wait

  • preventative dentistry in surrey


    Preventative Family Dentistry in Surrey Your Family’s Great Health Is Our Mission Today, patients and doctors work together to prevent health issues, and this cooperative effort is priority at our

  • restorative dentistry in surrey


    Restorative Dentistry in Surrey Re-Establishing Oral Health and Comfortable Function Today, people are keeping their natural teeth longer than any previous generation. Many people can retain natural teeth throughout life.

  • cosmetic dentistry in surrey


    Cosmetic Dentist in Surrey Crafting Unforgettable Smiles According to polls, a person’s eyes and smile are the two attributes most often admired by new acquaintances. Both of these features speak volumes,

  • sedation dentistry


    Sedation dentistry involves administering a sedative to dull a patient’s ability to sense pain and discomfort. Dr. Chohan can administer oral sedation, and if a case requires general sedation, she works with a licensed, hospital-grade facility just two doors down from our office.

  • preventative dentistry in surrey

    Children’s Dentistry

    Kids Dentist in Surrey What is Children’s Dentistry? As a general dentist, Dr. Chohan is trained and experienced treating children. She has a gentle touch and inviting personality that children

  • new dental technology


    The Best & Latest Innovative Dental Technology Providing Quality Care in Innovative Ways Our team believes that you deserve state-of-the-art dental care, so we are trained and experienced at using